EPDM Auto Door Seal Weather Strip

EPDM Rubber Sealing Strip for Window and Door
November 13, 2018
anti-water and hot sale window weatherstripping add UV
November 13, 2018

EPDM Auto Door Seal Weather Strip

EPDM rubber is an extremely versatile material that can be used in a variety of applications, from automotive products to HVAC parts. It also acts as a less expensive alternative to silicone and can last for long periods of time with proper use, saving you time and money.


Do not use EPDM rubber if continual contact with petroleum based products is required.
EPDM rubber is not recommended for usage in food applications or those that are exposed to aromatic hydrocarbons.


Seal product line utilizes our proven high quality seal designs with the addition of high-performance adhesive tape. Adhesive backed rubber strips are ideal for a wide variety of applications.
With this new bonding capability, the user can easily remove the protective tab and position the seal in place without the use of tools.

Product Description

The most common and by far the most important application of the EPDM based sealing system in an automobile is the door seal (co-extruded profiles). These are dynamic seals which seals the door with the door flange firmly to avoid dust, water & air to leak inside the cabin. The same sealing system is also used in Deck lid sealing, bonnet sealing and similar other applications. The seals are also very important as far as aesthetics is concerned. It takes care of the door & Body flange panel variations and gives a smooth look from outside.
Functional parameters are easy fitment on the sash but high retention force after fitment and the desired level of force required in the closure of the door. The important design parameters like Compression load deflection force, insertion and retention force are the reflection of these factors.

MaterialMade of Sponge EPDM and Solid EPDM, with unique metal or wire or Aluminum clip insert and tongue shape buckle;  Sponge EPDM and PVC
ApplicationsMainly used on Electrical Equipments (such as electrical cabinet). Mechanical, Automotives (such as Railcars, automobile, cars, trucks, tractors, forklifts etc.) and Industrial Machines.
Features1.     the good elasticity/ flexibility and anti-deformation.
2.     The unique metal/wire insert with the tongue-shaped buckle, make it firm durable and favors the installment.
3.     Excellent weatherability, anti-aging resistance, anti-weather, anti-ozone, anti-wearing resistance and chemical resistance.
4.     Excellent sealing performance,Stops heat, cold, draughts, dust, bushfire   embers, insects, noise and rain.
5         Can be used in wide application temperature scope (- 40`C~+120`C)
6         Simple push-on fit in minutes – no clips or glue, which makes the fitting very convenient. Stronger durability  and  Longer useful life with no crack and deformed.
   Main Fuctionswaterproof, dust-proof, sound-proof, insulation, shock absorption, decorative effect,durable, elgant apperance,convenient etc.
   ColorsBlack or as per customer’s requirements
Specifications&drawingSo many kinds of sizes available by us.
OEM available. Drawings from customer’s available
Packing details50m/roll, 2 rolls/Carton, General Carton size: 50*50*25cm, the cartons are standard stronger exportation carton, then with wooden pallet.

EPDM auto door seal

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