EPDM Weather Strip-I type

EPDM door and window weatherstrip-P type
January 17, 2018
sliding door rubber seal strip
January 20, 2018

EPDM foam sealing strip is widely used for various of window & doors’ sealing, also other fields which need to be sealed. Its tensile strength, anti-aging, anti-ozone, sunlight resistance are all good. Especially its elasticity is very excellent, can be squeezed to any shapes, not deforming.

EPDM formulation is more durable and provides longer service life than typical foam tapes!

– Train door rubber seal.
– Door weather strip for Garage.
– Door seal for caravan.
– Trucks door weather seal.
– Weatherstripping for camper.
– Door seal rubber for Heavy Equipment.
– Trailer door rubber seal.
– Seal rubber for buses.
– Rubber Cap for metal sheet.
– Rubber strip for boat.
– Rubber seal for metal boxes.
– Rubber strip for electrical boards.
– And more.

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