Windproof Self Adhesive Sealing EPDM Rubber Foam Seal Wooden Door Weather Strip

Wool Silicone Pile Weather Strip with Fin
November 19, 2018
door and window weather strips development trend and application
November 20, 2018

EPDM Rubber Foam Seal

Features of EPDM Rubber Foam

Excellent sealing performance, Can be used as buffer seals to reduce shock and vibration when closing the doors and windows, provides a reliable seal against any ingress of water, air, insects, wind, dust, rain, noise, etc
Made of high-quality EPDM foam rubber, good for weather stripping, glazing solutions and closure seals, have enough compression to act as a good shock absorber.
Good durability and elasticity, return to the original position very fast, can achieve great sealing effect and last 5-8 years.
Equipped with double-sided adhesive backing tape with strong stickiness and adhesion, very easy to install.
Excellent weather resistance, Collision Avoidance,ozone resistance,UV-stable,chemical resistance,anti-aging,soundproofing etc


EPDM rubber foam has excellent weather resistance for raw materials of rubber and plastic materials as the alternatives of traditional rubber and plastic materials. Epdm with high chemical stability, good electrical insulating performance and aging resistance, waterproof performance.

How to choose the product

There sre many different kinds of the product, different size product suit for different gap.
You can choose the produt according to the gap which you want to seal.


Plastic-steel doors and window, Aluminum alloy doors and windows, Wooden door, etc

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