sealing silicone fin pile weather strips

E/D/I Draught Excluder Self Adhesive Rubber Door Window Seal Strip Roll Foam
November 21, 2018
Gap insulation anti-cold fire rated polyurethane foam
November 21, 2018

Product Description:XINDELI silicon weather strip is made up of polypropylene that be treated by UV and silicon.and the polypropylene is close knitted into the fabric,then through the hot PP into the base of fabric. At last after split into one seal materials!

 Product NameAluminum door accessories insectproof sealing silicone fin pile weather strip for aluminum doors
 Material Made of PP
 Type self-adhesive/non-adhesive;
with fin/without fin;
 Function Dust-proof, insect-proof, sound-proof
 Usage Use for aluminum window and door’s sealing
 Colour Black,Gray,White,Brown,etc


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