How to use Sealing strips for aluminum alloy doors and windows

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January 5, 2019
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January 9, 2019

Sealing strips are one of the essential accessories when installing aluminum alloy doors and windows. Aluminum alloy door and window sealing strips are generally divided into three types: glass sealing strips, aluminum alloy door and window door sealing strips and tops. Aluminum alloy doors and windows will have good sealing and water tightness when they are installed with sealing strips.
1. There are many types of sealing strips, and the range of different sealing strips is different. Therefore, when selecting the type of aluminum alloy door and window sealing strips, it must correspond to its own aluminum alloy doors and windows, so that aluminum alloy doors and windows can be made. More rigorous. Pay attention when purchasing seals, choose non-toxic and tasteless environmental seals.

2. The tops are generally installed around the aluminum alloy door sash and frame fan. The surface of the good quality top is not straight, the vertical hair is smooth and uniform, and no lint. The specifications of the sealing strip should be matched. If it is too small, the sealing strip will fall off, which will affect the tightness of the glass and the fan. Excessive assembly is difficult, and the resistance to movement of aluminum alloy doors and windows becomes large, causing inconvenience.

3. There are special sealing strips on aluminum alloy doors and windows and beading. When installing sealing strips, the notch debris should be carefully removed to ensure uniform gap on both sides. The mounting part must be flat, not stretched, not curled, joint Should be less than 1MM.

4. When installing the sealing strips on the aluminum alloy doors and windows and frame fans, slowly push the strips into the slots with the special rollers in the correct orientation, and simultaneously squeeze the strips into the slots. In order to prevent the rubber strip from elastic retraction caused by the rolling pressure, pay attention to the installation, first retract the two ends of the strip to the middle, and then cut the embedding slot after the length of the strip.

5. How to install the sealing strip for the aluminum alloy doors and windows that have been made? You can buy the kind of directly sticking tops. Use a tool shovel to cut the small grooves on both sides of the top of the top of the aluminum alloy door and window to a small opening of about 1CM. You can see that there are slots and directly plug them in. This is a bit more troublesome. .

6. Sealing strips are generally used in aluminum alloy doors and windows. Sealing strips are installed through the beading and inner fan to make the glass and frame fan closer, forming a good waterproof and sealing effect. It also has functions such as dustproof, insect proof and sound insulation. Users must choose a good quality sealing strip in order to achieve high temperature resistance, anti-aging and long service life.


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